Land of Giants Truck Club - Our Trucks are An Excuse For Good People with GIANT HEARTS To Help St Louis Charities any Way We Can!
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The Land of GIANTS is a club that supports charities in the Saint Louis, as well as Jefferson County Missouri area, by showing off our GIANT TOYS! GIANT Lifted Trucks are our toys!

We participate in all kinds of different events either through simply displaying our trucks, doing fundraiser's, or volunteering for others. Through our club we are a bunch of guys who like to give back a little to the community by having fun with our toys. We  have built a network of members and sponsors who help us in achieving this goal and have a blast doing it. If you would enjoy spending a weekend or two a month surrounded by a bunch of people who love trucks, or helping charities, than this could be the club for you.  We try to make an equal amount of time having fun, “ Non-work events” along with “Work events”.  Cohesively as a group, we share the same viewpoint of our clubs' scheduled events.  We feel proud knowing we hit the perfect balance between love for a special hobby and love for our community as well.  Honoring equal dedication for fun and community is what makes this club so unique! 

If this has piqued your interest, and you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please email Jeff for more information about becoming a member of our truck club.  You'll be glad you did. 
Our Truck Club started locally here in St Louis in the late 1990'S with just a few truck enthusiast who were proud owners of four wheel drive trucks (A.K.A. GIANT TOYS).  Consumed with pride and passion for our trucks / toys, along with a strong desire to help our community for the Christmas season, we came up with the idea of holding a Christmas toy drive. We organized and held our first "official" annual toy drive for local kids in need.  With the help from local fire departments, we were able to obtain a list of St Louis families who were in financial crisis, and managed to raise enough fund at the toy drive to help pay for Christmas toys for the children of the families in need that Christmas.  Because of the overwhelming success that the first toy drive brought, we made the decision to hold this toy drive in St Louis every December, making it our first official reoccurring and  "Annual" Event on the Truck Club's Calendar.  The Toy Drive continues to be an overwhelming success each year.  

From the inception of that first successful toy drive, the charity and fundraising events grew by leaps and bounds.  Shortly after our first toy drive, we were asked by our good friend Bo Matthews (WIL-fm92) if we could help raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and we gladly accepted.  We agreed to do what we could.  On an ongoing basis, we have continued to help many local charities, such as Operation Food Search, which has an annual Thanksgiving Food drive which is usually the Monday before Thanksgiving.  As long as the need is there, our truck club will continue to do what we can.  
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