Land of Giants Truck Club - Our Trucks are An Excuse For Good People with GIANT HEARTS To Help St Louis Charities any Way We Can!
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Only with the help of local businesses and organizations like yours we can make this a great event!!! Last year our inaugural celebration was a breakout success. Many businesses contacted us afterward about how they can get involved. Turnout was impressive and we expect it to be bigger this year!

Here’s How to Help:
We are looking for silent auction items or monetary donations. The donations will go directly to Camp Hope with a small portion going to the event costs. Our goal is to make this a great Sunday for the military actives, veterans and their families while providing you some great exposure as a proud American.

✔ Here’s What You Get:
With any donation, your name or company’s name will be on our supporters’ banner in a prominent location. If you give a $100 or more, we will supply and place your individual professionally produced sign with your logo and information at the entrance of the event.

This is the Land Of Giants largest event of the year and it offers you a chance to support our well deserving veterans and active duty troops. Only with your help can we make a difference.

Thanks for your help in this great cause!

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Would you like to donate or help in any way? 
You can either ontact Jeff  Today (Click on the email envelpe link to the left   OR
You can simply fill out the BBQ registration form along with the Health Form (see links directly to the left) and mail it to us at:

Payable: The Land Of Giants
Memo: Camp Hope, Military Day
P.O. BOX 282
FENTON, MO 63026

St Louis Truck Club - Land Of Giants
On Sunday July 14th, we will be having Our Second Annual Benefit for Camp Hope raising money for this great organization that helps military veterans enjoy the great outdoors.  We will be serving free BBQ to the military members and their immediate families.  Here is partial list of events and activities.
Sunday July 14th, 2013
Located @ Springdale Pool Located In Fenton Mo
  • Live Band,
  • Silent Auction
  • Music DJ
  • Auto Show
  • K-9 Units on Display
  • Fredbird
  • BBQ Competition
  • Shiners

... And Much More!

Miliatry Day At Springdale Offers So Much Fun and Entertainment Incuding:
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